How to start your own Business?

Let’s fix the economy, create jobs and make our own wealth.

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How to start your own Business?

1. WhatsApp the name "Business" to 071 117 4842 to get started.

2. Answer few questions from Gitech Agent.

3. Gitech will Register your business with CIPC.

4. Gitech will Apply for your Tax clearance with Sars.

5. Gitech will Ask you to go to nearest Bank to open a business bank account.

6. Gitech will Design your Business plan.

7. Gitech will Register your CSD.

8. Gitech will Design & Print 100 copies of your business cards

9. Gitech will Register your COIDA, Letter of good standing with the Department of Labour.

10. Gitech will Professionalize your business with: Logos, letterhead, business email, website, landline, & Search Engine Optimization.

11. Gitech will provide you with Accounting software to get paid faster, waste less time and provide a better payment experience. Automate billing and collections.

12. Gitech will help you to apply the NYDA funding for free after 3 months of building cash flow and maintaining your business and personal credit profile.

13. Gitech will transform how IT works for your business, We believe technology should make your business better, not hold it back.

Have you ever imagined achieving all the above with a start-up of R6000 once-off and worry only after 12 months.

You also stand a chance of paying 50% and get everything and pay remaining 50% after a month. Offer Valid from 12/02/2022 - 28/02/2022!

Starting a business isn’t difficult if you use the resources available to you.

Let’s fix the economy, create jobs and make our own wealth.

@ Gitech, Support is our specialty, our knowledge spans the breadth of your business’ IT, meaning that all of the IT expertise you need is available from one single partner.

we know It's not often that you find a perfect balance between professionalism and affordability, we try our best to keep that balance.

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